About World Link Food Distributors

Pounds of fresh and processed seafood shipped last year.
Partnerships with over 400 local fishing vessels to assure a consistent supply of quality product.
Full logistic services to ship to 24 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.
Processing facilities producing top quality seafood.

Direct Distribution from the Fishermen’s Boat

World Link Food Distributors ships over 8 million pounds of live lobster to 24 countries in North America, Europe and Asia from 3 processing facilities in South Nova Scotia and 1 processing unit in Prince Edward Island.

We distribute frozen and fresh seafood products from Atlantic Canada to our valued customers using the most efficient logistic routes possible.

World Link Food Distributors Inc were awarded a spot on the 2017 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s fastest growing companies.

We are the preferred partners of seafood to many small and large wholesalers across the country. We are also the direct supplier of seafood for several major Canadian grocery chains.

Lobster Hub

Lobster Hub Inc., in Meteghan, is a Live Lobster packing station owned and operated by World Link Food Distributors.

Since completing the extension of the building and upgrading the existing holding system, Lobster Hub is supplying around 5 million lb of Live Lobster to our Distribution every year.

Lobster Hub Inc.

Consolidated Frozen Shipments

  • Variety of Choices in the Same Container
  • Custom Packaging
  • Custom Private Labeling
  • Leading Exporters in logistics
  • Global Market Purchasing

Direct Fisherman Sales

  • Independent Fish Harvesters , 100% control of the resources
  • Monitoring and set up of processing line
  • Strategic Alliance with expertise
  • Establish fishing and promote new species

Oceanmar Quality Sea Foods

World Link Food Distributors is a resourceful and unique seafood company located in southern Nova Scotia, Canada. We know quality makes the difference. We carefully hand grade, hand pack and store lobster in the best possible environment.

All of our facilities are located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. From here they are able to use fresh sea water from the crystal clear waters off Nova Scotia. This water is constantly refrigerated and temperature controlled to optimize live hard shell lobster all year round. Constant care is brought to assure only lobsters with the hardest shells and fullest meat are shipped.

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Shellfish and Special Products

  • Over 25 seafood products available year round
  • Hands on Quality Control
  • Customized ordering & production
  • Private labeling

Where to Buy

You can find our products at these quality retailers.

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