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Frozen & Processed Atlantic Lobster Products

Cooked Lobster Claws

Cooked Claws

Fully cooked and individually quick frozen.Packaging:

  • 2 x 5 pound bags
  • packaged to customers specifications
Raw/Blanched Half Split

Raw/Blanched Half Split

Frozen raw/blanched half split lobster.Packaging: 

  • Claw and arm attached
  • body cavity filled with claw and knuckle meat
  • body cavity cleaned (no meat filling)
  • packed to customer specifications.
Cooked Meat & Soldier Tail Trays

Cooked Meat & Soldier Tail Trays

Frozen, cooked lobster meat. Prepared to specification.Packaging:

  • Vac Pac
  • Master 3x2x2 lb. (1.81 kg)
  • Minced
  • Master 6x2x2.5 lb. (2.27kg
  • or 6×5 lb. (2.27kg)
  • Packed to customer specifications
Whole Cooked Lobster

Whole Cooked Lobster

Whole cooked lobsters. Netted 100% natural. No additives.


  • 10 lb case
  • 126cs/pallet
  • 17 pcs x 250g
  • 16 pcs x 275g
  • 14 pcs x 300g
  • 12 pcs x 400g
  • 10 pcs x 450g
Lobster Concentrate

Lobster Concentrate

Concentrated, emulsified culinary base. 100% natural for use in food service and industrial processes.

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