Project Description

Live Red & Brown King Crab

King crab has a delicate texture and a distinctive, rich, sweet flavour. The legs and claws are generally steamed and can be eaten as is or dipped in butter. Freezing in brine is also an option. Frozen legs and claws are pre-cooked and can simply be thawed and eaten.


Russia-Korea: Feb-April
Norway: May-September
Russia-Korea: October-December


English Name: Live Red King Crab
Latin Name: Paralithodes Camtschaticu
Product Name: King Crab
Catch Area: Northwestern Pacific Ocean

English Name: Live Brown King Crab
Latin Name: Lithodes Aeguispinus
Product Name: King Crab
Catch Area: Northwestern Pacific Ocean


product box

Size: 1.5 – 6.0 kg
Box: 30 lbs.