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Live Atlantic Lobster

Atlantic Lobster

Often called the “King of Seafood,” the lobster is the pride of Atlantic Canada. This crustacean has a long body and five sets of legs, including two large front claws, one of which is large, flat and heavy while the other is smaller and thinner. The body and tail and claws are hard-shelled. Live lobsters range in colour from brownish-rust to greenish-brown; all lobster shells turn bright orangey-red when cooked. The white flesh is pleasantly firm and dense with a rich, savoury flavour.


All Year

The main season runs from October 15 to July 15 for Canadian products. To offer lobster year round, we stock-up and store lobsters during May and December. The lobsters are stored in individual trays in cold storage, thus providing hard shell product year round.


English Name: Atlantic Lobster
Latin Name: Homarus americanus
Product Name: Live Lobster (hard shell)
Catching Area: Nova Scotia, New Brunswich, PEI


product box

Box: 30 lbs.

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