Our Products

World Link Food Distributors carries a wide range of live, fresh and frozen seafood. Our extended network of fishermen across Nova Scotia catch the best of Atlantic Canadian seafood. Our partnerships with market leading processing facilities and our unique hands on quality control enables us to bring the best quality live, fresh or frozen seafood to domestic and international markets.

We have dedicated shipping and handling platforms across 3 continents to deliver live, fresh and frozen products to the most demanding customers as far away as Asia and as close as local restaurants.

We can work with you to customize your order in any way you want as fast as we can. Simply put, we will deliver the freshest and finest seafood the world has to offer.

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Brown Crab


Sold live, processed meat and our exclusive heat treating process. Brown crabs are very flavourful with a very good meat yield per crab.

Snow Crab


Orangey-pink on the surface and white inside, snow crabmeat made up of fine, tender filaments that are exquisitely mild and tasty.